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 Weekly news end of October / 11/5/12

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PostSubject: Weekly news end of October / 11/5/12   Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:43 pm

IoV News #1

    The past week has been a very good week for our team United States IoV here. We are currently in 1st place for our ESL division A and as we continue to fight the playoffs for this league are nearing. Returning semi-pro Spain Orc MaCk has been able to find some time to fight for us in the ESL league which proved to be quite good so far. He is currently 3-0 for a series score. In other news our long but not last Undead star France Undead IoV.KraV will be returning to United States IoV to battle alongside his old teammates once again. Things starting to look real good thus far so lets keep pounding away. Coming up this week we have our first qualifier match for the Fit4Gaming Teamleague which is a good league to play in. Ill be posting the times of all the upcoming clanwars on the upcoming matches module above this post. Our two micro-elf players France Nightelf IoV.SaturN and United States Nightelf IoV.ReeM continue to prove they are in top shape and are ready to fight vs the best. Also our human player United States Human IoV.HypE seems to have improved some recently also and solidifying some nice games for us in ESL .Only time will tell how we will match up. But our enimies definitely have a good idea on whats going down here, lets hope they are as ready as we are. Now, time to touch briefly on the current leagues and such.

    ESL Autumn League 2012
    Were doing very good in this league. Currently 5-0 for a clanwar score and something like 23-2 for a map score. We are in division A which also lacks some of the very strong teams we see in Group B but this is very good. Being that not ALL of the strong teams from group B can make it into the playoffs, only 4. Depending on how the playoff grid looks like, I truly believe we can make finals and maybe even possibly win. But first lets hope these admins are going to do the work they have cut out for them to ensure this a successful season, because they definitely have their work cut out for them thus far. For more information about the ESL league if you wish to dig deep for more details please click the esl link on our leagues list. And match results and replays can be found on the links i post in the battle reports.

    Warcraft 3 Clan League (WC3CL)
    To put it plain everything about this league has been awful for us so far. The first clanwar of the season happened the night after i applied for the league, (In which I didn't even know we were accepted) So we didn't show up for the first match, in which of course i take the full blame. But everything from there on out was just bad. Germans trying to take defwins. German host. German this German that. The maps are somewhat awful in this league also, and the lineup system failed me a few times too. So for the past 2 weeks or so, we sort of just been toying around with this league playing games but not taking them that serious. Not to mention, this was the first league of United States IoV entering back on the scene and we didn't really have a solidified lineup yet, just mostly playing guessing games on who was available to play etc. Its a shame it turned out this way though. Maybe next season we can play and really show what we can do. It was a lot of bad things that happened, just bad luck really. But we look forward next season.

    Fit4Gaming TeamLeague Season 3
    Our clanwar is scheduled for this Saturday at 20:00 CET vs WSG. It'd be nice to qualify for this league in which im sure we will. Stay tuned for more info on this league and the progress.
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Weekly news end of October / 11/5/12
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