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» ESL RD 4 IoV vs RUN
by IoV.Ocky Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:33 pm

» Weekly news end of October / 11/5/12
by IoV.Ocky Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:43 pm

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IoV [3-1] PtG

IoV [5-0] GTL

IoV [5-0] Teib

IoV [3-0] RUN

IoV [5-0] CG - FF
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Icons oF Vanity vs
Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:33 pm by IoV.Ocky

United States Icons oF Vanity (IoV) vs RUN (RUN)

    Undead RUN.Leeaoe [1-0] United States Nightelf IoV.ReeM

    Undead RUN.OrangeFury [0-2] France Nightelf IoV.SaturN

    France Human RUN.fefe [0-2] Undead IoV.Satanata

    RUN.sephi [1-2] United States Human IoV.HypE

    United States Nightelf ReeM France Nightelf SaturN [0-0] Undead OrangeFury Random NEXUS

    United States IoV [3-0] RUN

    Status: Incomplete

    Match Details & Replays

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Weekly news end of October / 11/5/12
Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:43 pm by IoV.Ocky

IoV News #1

    The past week has been a very good week for our team United States IoV here. We are currently in 1st place for our ESL division A and as we continue to fight the playoffs for this league are nearing. Returning semi-pro Spain Orc MaCk has been able to find some time to fight for us in the ESL league which proved to be quite good so far. He is currently 3-0 for a series score. In other news our long but not last Undead star France Undead IoV.KraV will be returning to United States IoV to battle alongside his old teammates once again. Things starting to look real good thus far so lets keep pounding away. Coming up this week we have our first qualifier match for the Fit4Gaming Teamleague which is a good league to play in. Ill be posting the times of all the upcoming clanwars on the upcoming matches module above this post. Our two micro-elf players France Nightelf IoV.SaturN and United States Nightelf IoV.ReeM continue to prove they are in top shape and are ready to fight vs the best. Also our human player United States Human IoV.HypE seems to have improved some recently also and solidifying some nice games for us in ESL .Only time will tell how we will match up. But our enimies definitely have a good idea on whats going down here, lets hope they are as ready as we are. Now, time to touch briefly on the current leagues and such.

    ESL Autumn League 2012
    Were doing very good in this league. Currently 5-0 for a clanwar score and something like 23-2 for a map score. We are in division A which also lacks some of the very strong teams we see in Group B but this is very good. Being that not ALL of the strong teams from group B can make it into the playoffs, only 4. Depending on how the playoff grid looks like, I truly believe we can make finals and maybe even possibly win. But first lets hope these admins are going to do the work they have cut out for them to ensure this a successful season, because they definitely have their work cut out for them thus far. …

[ Full reading ]
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SaturN wins Wc3 Night #437!
Mon Oct 29, 2012 12:35 am by IoV.Ocky

    Today our very own France Nightelf IoV.SaturN won Wc3 Night #437 taking out top notch players such as Germany Undead AyRe.Rob and France Nightelf DkH.CorNoX to pocket his victory. Seems he has been in very strong shape lately and is continuing to practice his game with top players. Congratulations to France Nightelf SaturN and his victory at Fit4Gaming. The image above picks things up from the quaterfinals.

    View Entire Grid & Replays

    Source: Fit4gaming.de

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Sun Oct 28, 2012 12:08 am by IoV.Ocky

United States Icons oF Vanity (IoV) vs Czech Republic Going To Lose (GTL)

    Spain Random MaCk [2-0] Czech Republic Undead Honey

    France Nightelf IoV.SaturN [2-0] Czech Republic Nightelf Elf

    United States Human IoV.Hype [2-1] Czech Republic Undead BiT.N3Gr

    United States Nightelf IoV.ReeM [2-0] Czech Republic Random GREEN^ - FF

    United States Nightelf IoV.ReeM France Nightelf IoV.SaturN [2-0] Czech Republic Random GREEN^ Czech Republic Undead HoNey - FF

    United States IoV [5-0] Czech Republic GTL

    Match Info & Replays

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ESL RD 1 IoV vs Teib
Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:25 pm by IoV.Ocky

United States Icons oF Vanity (IoV) vs Germany Team Teibtastic! (Teib)

    Spain Random MaCk [2-0] Germany Nightelf yolo

    France Nightelf IoV.SaturN [2-1] Germany Nightelf DkaY.

    United States Human IoV.Hype [2-1] Germany Fp.

    United States Nightelf IoV.ReeM [2-0] Germany eP-SmurF

    United States Nightelf IoV.ReeM France Nightelf IoV.SaturN [2-1] Germany Orc DkaY. Germany Nightelf eP-Smurf

    United States IoV [5-0] Germany Teib

    Match Page & Replays

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ESL Autumn League kicks off
Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:43 pm by IoV.Ocky

    The ESL Autumtn league has started in which 16 teams will battle for a spot in the playoff bracket which will consist of 8 teams. The clanwar will be bo3 format including four 1v1 solos (bo3) and one 2v2 (bo3). So we will be playing the old wc3l format. It should be a nice league with some fun clanwars, and in our division we should do pretty well for a spot in the playoffs. The 16 teams competing can be seen below. Above you will be able to see the upcoming clanwars for the dates and times. We will need to be on time and on point for these clanwars. everyone please stay in touch with me for more details and instructions to come.

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News Week 10/10/12
Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:28 am by IoV.Ocky

So were back!

    As a little recap for some of the news players who have joined. United States IoV played in various leagues throughout 2011 and early 2012. We had some good an bad results during this time, with some great clanwars played and a lot of great games. As a manager I loved obsing these clanwars and seeing the players grow. One example of this is our Nightelf player United States Nightelf IoV.ReeM who i've watched grow from a mediocre player to a real powerhouse in wc3. But during this time it was also very hard to manage. One example of this is how I went without internet for about 3-4 months and talked to everyone from my Iphone and organized clanwars this way. It was a lot of dedication and hard work, plus on top of that I was working a new job for about 30 some hours a week so it was tough. Not to mention some of our best players had gone inactive or were busy with some RL activities and couldn't make every clanwar, yet somehow we managed to produce some decent results in most leagues.

    As the summer passed I thought about the team and started talking with some of the players. Then I heard wc3cl was taking applications for the 41st season so now here we are back at it again. We will aim to play in the ESL Autumn League to compete vs the best left in w3.

    In addition, our new manager/player Germany Random IoV.kiLLu will be lending me a helping hand throughout our conquest. He is a very kind person and I hope you all get to know him well just like you know me. Also id like everyone to give a warm welcome to France Nightelf IoV.SaturN who abuses DH like n
    o other Very Happy and is ready to give us some wins in upcoming clanwars. So with all that being said lets fight and get some wins and put United States IoV back on the map where we belong! Another great announcement is that Spain Random MaCK said he will be competing for us in the ESL league as well.

[ Full reading ]
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WC3CL S4 W4 IoV vs PtG
Wed Oct 10, 2012 3:22 am by IoV.Ocky

United States Icons oF Vanity (IoV) vs Germany PLay the Game (PtG)

    United States Undead IoV.Ocky [0-2] Germany Undead StRi-K3R_ -DI/TS

    United States Nightelf IoV.ReeM [2-0] Germany Nightelf CryofFear -SV/EI

    France Nightelf IoV.SaturN [2-0] Germany Undead Kwa11e -SAS/TR

    Germany Random IoV.kiLLu United States Human IoV.InDenT [2-0] Germany Random Kwa11e Germany Random R3ma

    United States Human IoV.HypE United States Nightelf IoV.ReeM [0-0] Germany Nightelf CryofFear Germany Undead StRi-K3R_

    United States IoV [3-1] Germany PtG

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WC3CL S41 W1 IoV vs SaD
Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:21 am by IoV.Ocky

Icons oF Vanity (IoV) vs Wrath and Madness (WaM)

    IoV.ReeM [2:0] elvaP - SV/AZ

    to be continued..

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