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 News Week 10/10/12

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PostSubject: News Week 10/10/12   Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:28 am

So were back!

    As a little recap for some of the news players who have joined. United States IoV played in various leagues throughout 2011 and early 2012. We had some good an bad results during this time, with some great clanwars played and a lot of great games. As a manager I loved obsing these clanwars and seeing the players grow. One example of this is our Nightelf player United States Nightelf IoV.ReeM who i've watched grow from a mediocre player to a real powerhouse in wc3. But during this time it was also very hard to manage. One example of this is how I went without internet for about 3-4 months and talked to everyone from my Iphone and organized clanwars this way. It was a lot of dedication and hard work, plus on top of that I was working a new job for about 30 some hours a week so it was tough. Not to mention some of our best players had gone inactive or were busy with some RL activities and couldn't make every clanwar, yet somehow we managed to produce some decent results in most leagues.

    As the summer passed I thought about the team and started talking with some of the players. Then I heard wc3cl was taking applications for the 41st season so now here we are back at it again. We will aim to play in the ESL Autumn League to compete vs the best left in w3.

    In addition, our new manager/player Germany Random IoV.kiLLu will be lending me a helping hand throughout our conquest. He is a very kind person and I hope you all get to know him well just like you know me. Also id like everyone to give a warm welcome to France Nightelf IoV.SaturN who abuses DH like n
    o other Very Happy and is ready to give us some wins in upcoming clanwars. So with all that being said lets fight and get some wins and put United States IoV back on the map where we belong! Another great announcement is that Spain Random MaCK said he will be competing for us in the ESL league as well.

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News Week 10/10/12
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