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 Icons oF Vanity WC3 - Resume

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PostSubject: Icons oF Vanity WC3 - Resume   Fri Apr 13, 2012 1:15 am

Team Accomplishments
Accepted in WCL qualifiers in 2010. (W3FC)
4th Place LaGL Season 3 (Playoff spot)
4th Place nEL Season 3 (Division 2 Playoff Spot)
2nd Place CWL Season 1 (Division 2) (missed 1st by 1 point)
4th Place WWL Season 1
3rd Place VerTeX e-sports League Season 1
1st Place overall ESL Autumn League 2012

Player Accomplishments

IoV.AcidraiN – Four time WCG USA regional qualifer. 4th Place WCG 2010 regionals, lead vVv to many season victories in various leagues, obtained a pro ladder spot in a few bnet seasons, Competed in WC3L and NGL one.

IoV.MaCk – One of the best random players in the world. He has noteable accomplishments such as, IESF Korea Top 16 2009, IESF Korea top 32 2010, ESL eps #3 2008. Also has beaten the second best elf in the world EH.ReMinD. Link - http://w3g.replays.net/doc/cn/2010-7-19/12795417545148809702.html


1st Place Nydus Tournament #5
1st Place Nydus Tournament # 7
1st Place Nydus Tournament #9


1st Place ESL Turtle Rock 1v1
1st Place ESL Secret Valley 1v1
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Icons oF Vanity WC3 - Resume
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